Spread Love T-shirt Campaign Launch


In light of recent events, we have repeatedly been exposed to unfortunate circumstances of hatred and violence across the globe. 

The Idea behind the message:

Everyday, thousands of lives go vanished and unnoticed under fear and human cruelty.
It's hard to care for other's trouble when they are so far away and we are consumed with our daily problems.

We can however spread love and show support to those around us in a small way.
To remember the lives that were lost and those who lost their homes, families and their human dignity.
To understand that we are so fortunate to live in security, under a roof, surrounded with our loved ones.

So here at Masabni, we decided to start a new initiative: a t-shirt with a cause.
A statement that no race, color, religion or language should come between people.
A message that it's our generation's turn to change things around and lead by example.

So in the spirit of human faith, in hopes for a better future and for all these worldwide injustices to end,
the message is to stand united and SPREAD LOVE

The Cause:

The message wouldn't be complete if we weren't making a difference in someone else's life.

Each t-shirt purchased will provide life-saving food for a child in crisis in Syria for 10 days.

Photographer: Christine Lahlouh

It feels horrifying that these conditions still persist after 6 years of war and still affect so many lives.
To know that some of these children don't have the basics to survive and are growing up in stress and terror,
is unimaginable.

So together, let's make fashion a mean for looking good, but also for doing good!

Photographer: Young Habibti
Stylist: Laura Jane Brown 
Models: Aseya, Jullz, Ayse Gamze Bulut, Mariya, Rayyan

July 07, 2017 written by Masabni Design 182 comments

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