About Us


Masabni is a fresh and feminine clothing line 
designed and produced in Montreal, Canada.

Young and sophisticated, Masabni caters to the ultimate urban woman, 
keeping her chic from day to night.
Collections are trendy yet remain timeless as they never fail to respect the curves
of the female form, use flattering fabrics and display elegant detail work. 


Jennifer Masabni was fascinated by the art and beauty of garment creation 
early on in life, having drawn her first fashion sketch at the tender age of 11. 
Her childhood ambitions led her to study fashion design at Montreal's Lasalle College.

Determined to launch her own clothing line, she went on to study
Business Management at HEC, all the while exhibiting her creativity
by organizing and participating in several fashion shows throughout the city,
many of which were dedicated to charitable causes. 
Now with several years of experience in the production and management
aspects of the fashion industry under her belt, she runs her own women's
clothing line in one of the world's capitals of creativity. 


Masabni would not be possible without an incredible team of suppliers,
manufacturers, representants, subcontractors, photographers,
boutiques, etc whom constantly contribute in creating and shaping each idea
into making it a reality. 

From fabrics to cutting, from patterns to sewing, from concept to reality,
from product to image, from retailer to consumer. 
The hands of many specialists are behind every style and your purchase
encourages numerous North American companies in maintaining their daily
operations, preserving the expertise and letting them continue in doing
what they are exceptionally dedicated to do. 
We are proud to work with passionate and talented people who are
committed to offer a quality product with impeccable service and
continuously push boundaries to be at the cutting edge of technology;
all important elements and core values for Masabni.  



Photography Credits: Ian Woo