#Stylesetters report - Introducing the Trollsen Twins

Meet Sydney & Savannah from the Trollsen Twins


It's hard not to notice Sydney & Savannah with their energy, sisterly chemistry and unique style.
They know how to dare with colours, vintage looks and trends all with an edge and with such naturalness. 

Every Wardrobe must?
Sydney: Massive sunglasses - to hide any sleepiness. Also just to walk downtown anonymously
Savannah: A good pair of jeans

You go to piece of the moment?
Sydney: A pair of super soft tie dye bellbottoms that I made. I can't seem to take them off.
Savannah: I just bought 10 white pocket t-shirts and I'm going to wear them like a uniform.

Any styling tricks you apply to all your looks?
Sydney: It's like getting a manicure - I like creating a base that will last.
A white t-shirt, well-worn jeans and some Converse are a great base to then add whatever
you want - a colourful clutch, big flashy earrings.
Savannah: If you aren't comfortable, don't wear it.

Your style inspiration / icon?
Sydney: Stevie Knicks! She wears boots all summer long.
Savannah: Today it's Johnny Knoxville and Bart Simpson

Whose closet would you like to take over?
Sydney: Veronica Heilbrunner's, Please.
I saw her at Paris fashion week last year and thought I'd never seen a more stylish woman.
She mixes things in a crazy way. She's the style editor of Harper's Bazaar Germany. Google her!
Savannah: Susie Bubble

The city or district that best represents your style?
Sydney: The 11th arrondissement in Paris, called Oberkampf.
It's all French teenagers and students. All of the girls wear torn cheap jeans,
high-end leather jackets with Adidas sneakers.
Savannah: New York City. I just got back and I discovered a neighbourhood during my stay
that I'm now obsessed with, called Nolita.
It's in a 4 by 5 block radius and it's the most special place in Manhattan

Best spot to people watch (for trends or styles)
Sydney: We had an amazing time people watching in Capri, sitting in a piazza with our Bellinis.
Here we are used to guys wearing black, white and denim, that's it.
There we saw yellow trousers, striped blazers, fluorescent sneakers...Everyone was always looking their best.
Savannah: I'm going to have to agree with Sydney on this,
sitting in a piazzetta in Capri was the best people and style watching of my life.

Make sure to follow these 2 fun ladies and get inspired by their fashion style:

Website: www.trollsentwins.com

Instagram: @trollsentwins

Twitter: @TrollsenTwins

Facebook: IX Daily

Photographer Credit: Sarah Emily St-Gelais

Sydney is wearing the Rea dress  & Savannah is wearing the Medea dress

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